Rolendis, St.

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Also known as Rollandis, virgin who lived in the seventh or eighth century. Her vita, composed probably in the 13th century, relates that Rolendis was the daughter of a Gallic king (J. Molanus and F. Zutman claim that she was a daughter of the Lombard King Desiderius; J. Roland identifies her as the princess divorced by charle magne). She was supposed to marry a Scottish prince. To escape this marriage she fled to the convent of St. Ursula in cologne, but died en route in Villers-Poterie near Gerpinnes (Hainaut), Belgium. In 1103 her relics were exhumed by Bishop Othbert of liÈge. Her cult developed early in the Gerpinnes area around the relics contained in her eighth-century sarcophagus, rediscovered in 1951. Annually on Whitmonday a solemn procession is held, in which her relics, in an early 17th-century reliquary, are carried.

Feast: May 13.

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