Roldán Lara, David, St.

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Martyr, lay youth; b. March 2, 1902, Chalchihuites, Zacatecas, Archdiocese of Durango, Mexico; d. Aug. 15, 1926, Puerto de Santa Teresa near Zacatecas. After the death of his father while David was still quite young, he became his mother's favorite and helped care for his siblings. Family poverty required Roldán, the eldest son, to leave the Durango Seminary. He was known as a joyful and generous companion, an understanding coworker, and an honorable employee of the mining company. In 1925 he was elected president of Catholic Action for Mexican Youth. At the beginning of the religious conflict, he was named vice-president of the National League and worked for the reversal of anti-ecclesial laws. Accused of plotting an armed revolt with (St.) Luis batiz sainz, he was arrested at home by General Ortiz. Although money was offered for their release, they were taken to a place near Zacatecas. He and his cousin (St.) Salvador lara were shot after witnessing the execution of Batiz and Manuel morales. David was both beatified (Nov. 22, 1992) and canonized (May 21, 2000) with Cristobal magallanes [see guadalajara (mexico), mar tyrs of, ss.] by Pope John Paul II.

Feast: May 25 (Mexico).

Bibliography: j. cardoso, Los mártires mexicanos (Mexico City 1953). v. garcÍa juÁrez, Los cristeros (Fresnillo, Zac. 1990).

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Roldán Lara, David, St.

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