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Rize ★★★ 2005 (PG-13)

Intensely up-tempo, hyped-up L.A. dancing form called “clowning” or “krumping” is vividly chronicled in this David LaChappelle documentary. Born from the 1992 riots as a peaceful means of expression by poverty-stricken innercity dwellers, krumping was the invention of Tom Johnson, or Tommy the Clown, a reformed drug dealer who started the movement by dressing as a clown and, later, reenacting the Rodney King footage. Payoff comes in the form of a grand krumping contest held annually at the Great Western Forum. 85m/C DVD . USD: David LaChapelle; C: Morgan Susser; M: Red Ronin Prods., Amy Marie Beauchamp, Jose Cancella.