Rivlin, Shelomo Zalman

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RIVLIN, SHELOMO ZALMAN (1886–1962), ḥazzan, composer, and rabbi, son of Yosef *Rivlin. Rivlin studied liturgical music with A.Z. Idelsohn. For 60 years, he was ḥazzan of the Shirat Israel Synagogue in Jerusalem, and founded and directed its school for ḥazzanim and Jewish music. He endeavored to produce a unified musical style based equally on the European and Oriental traditions, which he published in Shirei Shelomoha-Shirah ha-Me'uḥedet (1933). Rivlin's reputation as an outstanding teacher was spread by his students, many of whom became notable ḥazzanim. He also trained many of his pupils in homiletics and published the sermons he wrote for them to deliver in the Shirat Israel Synagogue in Midrash Shelomo (1953). His compositions and arrangements of traditional melodies were published in Shirei Shelomo, 3 vols. (1931–61). He also edited, together with J.C. Epstein, a Hebrew-English-Yiddish dictionary (1924).


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