Rhythm Thief

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Rhythm Thief ★★ 1994

No-budget independent film finds alienated New York hustler Simon (Andrews) eking out a living selling tapes of local underground bands he has illegally recorded. He wants to be left alone but circumstances won't allow it. He's got one of the enraged bands after him, he's pestered by local “admirers,” and his eccentric former girlfriend Marty (Daniels) suddenly turns up—severely shaking Simon's emotionally barren existence. Quirky character study gets lots of impact from tiny bucks. 88m/B VHS . Jason Andrews, Eddie Daniels, Kimberly Flynn, Kevin Corrigan, Sean Haggerty, Mark Alfred, Christopher Cooke; D: Matthew Harrison; W: Matthew Harrison, Christopher Grimm; C: Howard Krupa; M: Danny Brenner. Sundance '95: Special Jury Prize.