Rhythm Romance

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Rhythm Romance ★★½ Some Like It Hot 1939

Gene Krupa and his Orchestra are the reason to see this lesser Hope comedy. Nicky Nelson (Hope) is a Coney Island carnival barker, who's latest scheme is to make a buck off the swing craze with Krupa. Meanwhile, Nelson's girl, Lily Racquel (Ross), is miffed at him and decides to take a job as Krupa's girl singer. Based on the play “The Great Magoo” by Ben Hecht and Gene Fowler. ♫The Lady's in Love with You; Some Like it Hot; Heat and Soul. 65m/B VHS . Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Gene Krupa, Una Merkel; D: George Archainbaud; W: Lewis R. Foster, Gene Fowler Sr.; C: Karl Struss.