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Rhynchostegium (order Hypnobryales) A genus of slender to robust mosses, in which the stems are procumbent and irregularly branched. The leaves are ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovate, with a nerve extending half-way or further up each leaf. The capsule lid has a long beak; the seta is smooth and reddish. The genus contains about 195 species, found mostly in the northern hemisphere. R. riparioides is aquatic, growing attached to boulders or tree roots by or in streams. The stems may be up to 15 cm long, sparingly branched, and often lacking leaves on their lower parts. R. confertum (formerly Eurhynchium confertum) is very common in lowland Britain on stone walls, garden rockeries, etc. The leaves are very small (up to 1 mm long) and the plant is inconspicuous except when the capsules are present.