The Promise 1994

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The Promise ★★½ Das Versprechen 1994 (R)

Young lovers Konrad (Zoller and Zirner) and Sophie (Harfouch and Becker) find themselves separated by the Berlin Wall after a botched escape attempt in 1961. The estranged lovers meet only four times during the next three decades as they adjust to the systems under which they're forced to live. Somewhat contrived and cliched, this bittersweet romance uses Konrad and Sophie as symbols of the social and political turmoil and triumphs of the divided Germany. Received some criticism from East Germans who found the film's severe portrayal of Communist rule too harsh. Gets points for being the first postfall film to explore the Wall's legacy. 115m/C VHS . GE Corinna Harfouch, Meret Becker, August Zirner, Anian Zollner, JeanYves Gautier, Eva Mattes, Suzanne Uge, Hans Kremer, Pierre Besson, Tina Engel, Otto Sander, Hark Bohm; D: Margarethe von Trotta; W: Peter Schneider, Margarethe von Trotta; C: Franz Rath; M: Jurgen Knieper.

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The Promise 1994

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