The Promise 1979

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The Promise ★½ Face of a Stranger 1979 (PG)

Weepie outdated story about starcrossed lovers Michael (Collins) and Nancy (Quinlan). A car accident leaves Michael comatose and Nancy badly disfigured. Michael's mother (Straight), who loathes Nancy, sees her chance to finally break them up. She offers to pay for Nancy's plastic surgery if she'll leave Michael forever, then Mom tells her son his girlfriend's dead. A year later Nancy, with her new face and new identity, and Michael meet. From the novel by Danielle Steele. 97m/C VHS . Stephen Collins, Kathleen Quinlan, Beatrice Straight, Laurence Luckinbill, William Prince, Michael O'Hare; D: Gilbert Cates; W: Garry Michael White; M: David Shire.

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The Promise 1979

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