The Prime Gig

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The Prime Gig ★★ 2000

Wise (Vaughn) works a telephone scam for a rundown company manafed by Mick (Tobolowsky) that soon goes under. He's then recruited by Caitlin (Ormond) for a telemarketing scheme involving selling stocks in a gold mine for guru Kelly Grant (Harris), whose previous schemes cost him jail time. Wise is a success but despite the money (and the girl) you know there's trouble ahead. Predictable plot with Harris giving the strong performance. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Vince Vaughn, Julia Ormond, Ed Harris, Rory Cochrane, Wallace Shawn, George Wendt, Stephen Tobolowsky; D: Gregory Mosher; W: William Wheeler; C: John A. Alonzo; M: David Robbins.

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The Prime Gig

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