The Prince & Me 2: Royal Wedding

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The Prince & Me 2: Royal Wedding ★ 2006 (PG)

In this dull fluff sequel, Danish Prince Edvard (Mably) runs into a problem with his wedding plans to American commoner Paige (Heskin). Conniving cousin Albert (Holt) uses an ancient obscure law to proclaim that Edvard must marry someone of royal blood or he can't become king—and Albert offers his daughter, the equally sly Princess Kirsten (BurtonHill), as a substitute. Apparently, Edvard is just too stupid to ask the Danish parliament to change the law, so Paige must find a loophole. 97m/C DVD . Luke Mably, Kam Heskin, Jim Holt, Maryam D'Abo, Clemency BurtonHill, Jonathan Firth; D: Catherine Cyran; W: Allison Robinson; C: Blake T. Evans; M: Andrew Gross. VIDEO

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The Prince & Me 2: Royal Wedding

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