Pearce, Margaret

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PEARCE, Margaret

PEARCE, Margaret. Also writes as Jacqueline Webb. Australian. Genres: Romance/Historical, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Writer. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: The Circus Runaways, 1978; Altar of Shulaani: An Exciting Science Fiction Adventure, 1981; Wanted! A Horse, 1983; The Misfit, 1984; One Day in the Life of a Maidservant (series), 1987; The Castle Hill Uprising (series), 1987; Marmaduke, 1988; Weekend of Herman John (series), 1989; When Doggo Went Purple, 1989; The Secret in the Compost Bin, 1990; The Convertible Couch, 1991; Caught in Willaburra, 1992; The Old Man in the Park, 1992; Bolton Road Spy Catchers, 1992; Rilla and the School Play, 1997; Birthday Surprise, 1998; The Edge of Forever, 1999; Party Poopers, 1999. FOR YOUNG ADULTS: The Look of Love, 1988; Bobby and Frank, 1989; Three's a Crowd, 1991; The Togetherness Routine, 1991; Weekend Territory, 1993; The Secret of the Third Seal, 1995. ROMANCE NOVELS AS JACQUELINE WEBB: The Lonely Heart, 1990; Roses Are for Romance, 1991; Shadows over Taralon, 1992. Work represented in anthologies. Address: PO Box 253, Belgrane, VIC 3160, Australia.