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PEARCE, Brian Louis

PEARCE, Brian Louis. British, b. 1933. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, History, Literary criticism and history. Career: Writer and free-lance lecturer. Reference librarian, Twickenham Public Library, 1958-61; librarian, Acton Technical College, 1962-66; examiner in English literature, Library Association, 1964-70; tutor and librarian, Twickenham College of Technology, 1966-77; sr. lecturer and college librarian, Richmond upon Thames College, Twickenham, 1977-88; occasional lecturer, National Portrait Gallery, London, 1990-. Publications: Poems, 1956; The Americas and Other Poems, 1962; My Grandfather's Uncle: A Memoir of the Rev. Caleb Mark Longhurst, 1964; The Eagle and the Swan (play), 1966; The Ascot of Gilbert Longhurst, 1967; The Argonauts and Other Poems, 1970; The Art of Eric Ratcliffe, 1970; Requiem for the Sixties, 1971; Selected Poems 1951-1973, 1978; The Vision of Piers Librarian, 1981; Leaves for Palinurus, 1982; Office Hours, 1983; Ave Acton Vale, 1983; Browne Study, 1984; Bond Street Snatches, 1984; Free for All: The Public Library Movement in Twickenham, 1985; Gwen John Talking, 1985, 2nd ed., 1996; Dutch Comfort: Poetry, Prose, Translations, 1985; Victoria Hammersmith (novel), 1988, 2nd ed., 2001; Thomas Twining of Twickenham, 1988; Shrine Rites (play), 1990; London Clay (stories and novellas), 1991; Jack o' Lent (poetry), 1991; A Man in His Room (story), 1992; The Bust of Minerva (novella), 1992; Leaving the Corner: Selected Poems 2: 1973-85, 1992; The Fashioned Reed: The Poets of Twickenham from 1500, 1992; Coeli et Terra (poetry), 1993; Thames Listener: Poems 1949-89, 1993; Battersea Pete (novel), 1994; The Servant of His Country (novel), 1994; The Proper Fuss, 1996; Varieties of Fervor (lectures), 1996; Dame Ethel Walker (essay), 1997; The Tufnell Tryptych (novellas), 1997; Tribal Customs (novel), 1997; The Goldhawk Variations (novel), 1999; The Damien Offices (play), 2000; The Idea of Nicodemus: Sermons and Prayers, 2000; Willesden Paper (novella), 2002; The Widow of Gozo (play), 2002; Clemo the Poet (study), 2002; St. Zacchs (novel), forthcoming. EDITOR: Old Ascot: The Diaries of George and G. A. Longhurst 1833-1881, 1964; Twickenham Eyot: An Anthology, 1973; Palgrave: Selected Poems, 1985; The Palgraves and John Murray (letters), 1997. Address: 72 Heathfield S, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 7SS, England.

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