Pearce Sisters (fl. 1936–1956)

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Pearce Sisters (fl. 1936–1956)

Australian field hockey players.

Pearce, Caroline (1925—). Name variations: Caroline Ash. Born in 1925, in Moulyinning, Australia; married.

Pearce, Jean (1921—). Name variations: Jean Wynne. Born in 1921, in Moulyinning, Australia; married.

Pearce, May (1915–1981). Name variations: May Campbell. Born in 1915, in Moulyinning, Australia; died in 1981; married.

Pearce, Morna (1932—). Name variations: Morna Hyde. Born in 1932, in Moulyinning, Australia; married.

Born and raised in the tiny farming community of Moulyinning, Australia, the legendary Pearce sisters (no relation to the famous hockey-playing Pearce brothers) dominated Australian women's field hockey from 1936 to 1956. The eldest sister May, who played left-inner and captained for both state and national teams, was regarded as a scoring phenomenon, making 100 goals in 1936 alone. After 1948, she left the field of play to become a coach and administrator. Second sister Jean, a center half-back and also a captain, was the master of the assisted play, coming from out of nowhere with great loping strides to support a teammate in making a goal. After leading Australia to its first victory over England in 1953, Jean retired from the game. Caroline Pearce, known as "Tib," played only from 1946 to 1950, and joined May and Jean on the 1948 unbeaten Australian team which toured New Zealand. Morna, the youngest Pearce, was known for her stick work, and played for Australia when Jean was captain in 1953. Morna herself captained in the international tournament at Sydney in 1956, and that same year won the WA's first Sportsman (sic) of the Year award.

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Pearce Sisters (fl. 1936–1956)

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