Nye, Simon (Beresford)

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NYE, Simon (Beresford)

NYE, Simon (Beresford). British, b. 1958. Genres: Novels, Plays/ Screenplays, Film. Career: Worked in the theater in London, England, 1980- 85; free-lance translator, 1985-88; Credit Suisse, London, staff translator, 1988-91; full-time writer, 1991-. Publications: NOVELS: Men Behaving Badly, 1989; Wideboy, 1990. TRANSLATOR: The Vienna Opera, 1987; Matisse's Graphic Work, 1988; Braque, 1988; Don Juan (stage play), 2001; Accidental Death of an Anarchist (stage play), 2003. FOR TELEVISION: Men Behaving Badly (sitcom), 1992-98; Frank Stubbs (comedy-drama; based on novel), 1993-94; Is It Legal? (sitcom), 1996-98; My Wonderful Life (comedy- drama), 1996-99; How Do You Want Me? (comedy-drama), 1998-99; Beast (sitcom), 2000, 2001; The Savages (sitcom), 2001; The Railway Children (drama adaptation); Hardware (sitcom), 2003-04; Pollyanna (drama adaptation), 2003; Wild West (sitcom), 2003-04. TV PANTOMIMES: Jack & the Beanstalk, 1998, Cinderella, 1999; Aladdin, 2000, Dick Whittington, 2001. Address: c/o Rod Hall Agency, 3 Charlotte Mews, London W1T 4DZ, England.