No End in Sight

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No End in Sight ★★★½ 2007

Brookings Institute scholar and political science PhD Charles Ferguson's documentary of the war in Iraq is a powerful, compelling analysis and critique of U.S. policy. Rather than criticize the war as a whole, Ferguson focuses in on the period immediately following the overthrow of Saddam and the Bush Administration's lack of a plan to rebuild Iraq. Most compelling are the interviews with individuals such as Ambassador Barbara Bodine and Major General Paul Eaton, who were handson involved in that initial post-Saddam period and found their efforts hindered by disorganization and ideological agendas. By focusing on experts involved in the war rather than outside critics, Ferguson skips partisanship to create a sharp, hard to ignore film. 102m/C DVD . USD: Charles Ferguson; W: Charles Ferguson; C: Antonio Rossi; M: Peter Nashel.