Never Say Die 1939

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Never Say Die ★★½ 1939

Wealthy John Kidley (Hope) is at the Swiss spa of Bad Gasswasser, thinking he only has a few weeks to live. So he marries Mickey Hawkins (Raye) to save her from a crazy Russian, Prince Smirnov (Mowbray), and ends up fighting a duel! Oh, and Mickey thinks she's in love with bus driver Henry Munch (Devine), who accompanies the duo on their honeymoon. Much silliness. Based on the play by William H. Post. 82m/ B VHS . Bob Hope, Martha Raye, Alan Mowbray, Andy Devine, Gale Sondergaard, Monty Woolley, Sig Rumann; D: Elliott Nugent; W: Preston Sturges, Don Hartman, Frank Butler; C: Leo Tover.