Never Steal Anything Small

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Never Steal Anything Small ★½ 1959

A tough union boss pushes everyone as he battles the mob for control of the waterfront. A strange musical-drama combination that will be of interest only to the most ardent Cagney and Jones fans. Based on the Maxwell Anderson/Rouben Mamoulian play “The Devil's Hornpipe.” Largely forgettable songs. ♫I'm Sorry, I Want a Ferrari; I Haven't Got a Thing to Wear; It Takes Love to Make a Home; Never Steal Anything Small; Helping Out Friends. 94m/C VHS . James Cagney, Shirley Jones, Cara Williams, Wendell Holmes, Nehemiah Persoff, Anthony Caruso, Jack Albertson, Roger Smith, Royal Dano, Horace McMahon, Virginia Vincent, Robert J. Wilke; D: Charles Lederer; M: Henry Mancini.