Never Met Picasso

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Never Met Picasso ★★½ 1996

Thirty-year-old artist Andrew (Arquette) lives with self-absorbed actress/mom Genna (Kidder) in Boston, struggling with both his lack of work and romantic prospects. Andrew's one consolation is gay Uncle Alfred (Epstein), who serves as a role model. Until, unexpectedly, Andrew meets confident Jerry (McKellar) at his mother's dreadful opening night bash. After Alfred dies suddenly, Andrew discovers some hidden photos of his uncle's lover and seeks to make connections between the past and the present. 97m/C VHS . Alexis Arquette, Margot Kidder, Don McKellar, Alvin Epstein, Georgia Ringsdale; D: Stephen Kijak; W: Stephen Kijak; C: David Tames; M: Kristen Hersh.