Never Say Never Again

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Never Say Never Again ★★½ 1983 (PG)

James Bond matches wits with a charming but sinister tycoon who is holding the world nuclear hostage as part of a diabolical plot by SPECTRE. Connery's return to the world of Bond after 12 years is smooth in this remake of “Thunderball” hampered by an atrocious musical score. Carrera is stunning as Fatima Blush. Although Connery is back, purists will have qualms considering this part of the “official” Bond series since longtime Bond producer, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, had nothing to do with this endeavor. 134m/C VHS, DVD . Sean Connery, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Max von Sydow, Barbara Carrera, Kim Basinger, Edward Fox, Bernie Casey, Pamela Salem, Rowan Atkinson, Valerie Leon, Prunella Gee, Saskia Cohen Tanugi; D: Irvin Kershner; W: Lorenzo Semple Jr.; C: Douglas Slocombe; M: Michel Legrand.