Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud

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Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud ★★★ Nelly and Mr. Arnaud 1995

Chatty adult May/December would-be romance between 25-year-old secretary Nelly (Beart) and Pierre Arnaud (Serrault), the mid-60s retired magistrate for whom she's working. The arrogant divorced Arnaud is intrigued by the independent Nelly, whom he finds he can't control, while she comes to appreciate their emotional ties (altogether different from the selfishness of the younger men she knows). Conclusion avoids a neat resolution to a situation beset by bad timing. French with subtitles. 105m/C VHS, DVD . IT GE FR Emmanuelle Beart, Michel Serrault, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Francoise Brion, Claire Nadeau, Michael (Michel) Lonsdale, Charles Berling, Michele Laroque; D: Claude Sautet; W: Jacques Fieschi, Claude Sautet; C: Jean-Francois Robin; M: Philippe Sarde. Cesar ‘96: Actor (Serrault), Director (Sautet).