Neklyudov, Nicolai Adrianovich°

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NEKLYUDOV, NICOLAI ADRIANOVICH ° (1840–1896), Russian criminologist, counselor to the Ministry of Justice. From 1877 Neklyudov served as member of the committee for the advancement of the economic status of the Jews. In 1880 he, together with V.D. Karpov (an official of the Ministry of Interior), submitted a memorandum to the committee refuting the charge that the Jews were engaged in unproductive activities and exploited the non-Jewish population. Neklyudov stood for the emancipation of the Jews, advocating the dissolution of the *Pale of Settlement. Such a step, he averred, would be advantageous to the non-Jewish population through the development of trade and commerce in the interior of Russia. At the same time he argued that "Reason does not justify placing a population of several millions in the same category as criminals." No action was taken on his proposal, as the committee was soon dismissed.