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In the Mix Woof! 2005 (PG-13)

This one's a straight-up vehicle for recording artist Usher. If that just made you wonder “Who?” stop here. Darrell (Usher) is a New York City DJ/chick magnet who, as a result of a family friendship, must step in as body guard to a Jersey mobster's daughter, Dolly (Chriqui). A romantic flame ignites between the two. With nowhere else to go, the film becomes a handful of mafia and racial jokes. 97m/C DVD . US Usher Raymond, Chazz Palminteri, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Robert Davi, Robert Costanzo, Geoff Stults, K.D. Aubert, Kevin Hart, Matt Gerald, Anthony Fazio; D: Ron Underwood; W: Jacqueline Zambrano; C: Clark Mathis; M: Aaron Zigman.

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