In the Shadows 1998

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In the Shadows ★★½ Under Heaven 1998 (R)

Modern update of Henry James' 1902 novel “The Wings of the Dove.” Lonely, wealthy divorcee Eleanor (Richardson) is dying from cancer and needs a caregiver. Cynthia (Parker) moves in along with her weakwilled boyfriend Buck (Young), who passes himself off as Cynthia's brother and takes a job as a gardener. Avaricious Cynthia decides Buck should make Eleanor fall in love and marry him, so they can inherit her fortune. Of course this menage is made for misery. 115m/C VHS, DVD . Joely Richardson, Molly Parker, Aden Young; D: Meg Richman; W: Meg Richman; C: Claudio Rocha; M: Marc Olsen.