In This World

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In This World ★★½ M1187511 2003 (R)

Torabi and Enayatullah star as themselves as the film recounts their journey as Afghan refugees from Pakistan to London. Winterbottom's most political film is powerful and effectively balances the personal issues and travails of its characters with the larger issues it illustrates. The lack of a script (they used mostly outlines) hurts the film in the end, but the performances of the mostly nonprofessional cast balance that weakness. Shot in documentary style on digital video. 88m/C DVD . GB Jamal Udin Torabi, Enayatullah, Imran Paracha, Hiddayatullah, Jamau, Wakeel Khan, Lal Zarin, Mirwais Torabi, Amanullah Torabi; D: Michael Winterbottom; W: Tony Grisoni; C: Marcel Zyskind; M: Dario Marianelli. British Acad. ‘03: Foreign Film.