Maynard, Christopher

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MAYNARD, Christopher

MAYNARD, Christopher. Canadian, b. 1949. Genres: Children's nonfiction. Career: Editor, publishing director, author. Macdonald Educational Ltd., London, England, editor, 1972; Intercontinental Book Productions, Berkshire, England, editor, 1976-77; Oasis Press and Maynard and How Publishing, director. Publications: NONFICTION FOR CHILDREN: Planet Earth, 1974; Prehistoric World, 1974; (with E. Holmes) Great Men of Science, 1975; The Real Cowboy, 1976; The Amazing World of Money, 1977; Economy Guide to Europe, 1978; Indians and Palefaces, 1978; The Razzmataz Gang, 1978; All about Ghosts, 1978; The Great Ice Age, 1978, rev. ed., 1987; Father Christmas and His Friends, 1979; War Vehicles, 1980; (with J. Paton) Aircraft, 1982; Apple Peelers and Coin Stackers, 1986; (ed.) Richard Forsyth, Machines That Think, 1986; (with D. Jefferis) The Aces, 1987; (with D. Jefferis) Air Battles, 1987; The First Great Kids Catalog, 1987; Airplanes, 1993; Amazing Animal Babies, 1993; Amazing Animal Facts, 1993; Ballet, 1993; Castles, 1993; Dinosaurs, 1993; Helicopters, 1993; Gymnastics, 1994; Airplane, 1995; Why Are All Families Different?: Questions Children Ask about Families, 1997; The Best Book of Dinosaurs, 1998; Days of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and Battles, 1998; Aircraft, 1999; Ghosts, 1999; Extreme Machines, 2000. Address: 78 Carlton Mansions, Randolph Ave, London W9, England.