Lingenfelter, Richard Emery

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LINGENFELTER, Richard Emery. American, b. 1934. Genres: Astronomy, History, Mythology/Folklore, Bibliography. Career: Research Physicist, Center for Astrophysics, University of California at San Diego, 1979-. Physicist, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, CA, 1957-62; Research Geophysicist, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, 1962-68, and Professor-in-Residence, Depts. of Astronomy and Planetary and Space Science, 1969-79, University of California at Los Angeles; Fulbright Research Scholar, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Bombay, India, 1968-69. Publications: (with R. Dwyer) The Nonpareil Press of T.S. Harris, 1957; First through the Grand Canyon, 1958; The Newspapers of Nevada, 1858-1958; The Rush of '89, 1967; Presses of the Pacific Islands, 1817-1867, 1967; The Hardrock Miners, 1973; Steamboats on the Colorado River, 1978; (with H. Hudson and D. Worrall) Gamma Ray Transients and Related Astrophysical Phenomena, 1982; (with K. Gash) Newspapers of Nevada 1854-1979, 1984; (with R. Dwyer) Lying on the Eastern Slope, 1984; Death Valley and the Amargosa, 1986; (with R. Dwyer) Dan DeQuille: The Washoe Giant, 1989; (with R. Rothschild) High Velocity Neutron Stars and Gamma Ray Bursts, 1996. EDITOR: The Cement Hunters, 1960; Washoe Rambles, 1963; (with R. Dwyer and D. Cohen) The Songs of the Gold Rush, 1964; (with R. Dwyer and D. Cohen) Songs of the American West, 1968; (with R. Dwyer) Death Valley Lore, 1988; (with R. Dwyer) Sagebrush Trilogy: Ida Meacham Strobridge and Her Works, 1990; The Mining West: A Bibliography and Guide to the History and Literature of Miming in the American and Canadian West, 2003. Address: Cass 0424, University of California, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093-0424, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]