Les Miserables 1995

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Les Miserables ★★½ 1995 (R)

Clever, modern rendering of the famous Victor Hugo novel, set in WWII. Humble furniture mover Fortin (Belmondo), nick-named Valjean for displaying the same brutish strength as his Hugo counterpart, helps a Jewish family escape German occupation. The family becomes separated in the attempt, with lawyer Monsieur Ziman (Boujenah) being hidden by farmers in the country, Madame Ziman (Martines) relegated to a Polish concentration camp, and their daughter Salome (Lelouch, daughter of the director) protected by a nun at a Catholic school. Gumplike, the unusually strong but illiterate Fortin becomes involved with the French resistance and joins in D-Day. Events, though obviously updated, mirror experiences of Hugo's characters. In one sequence, the Ziman's even teach Fortin to read Hugo's “Les Miserables,” with actors playing their counterparts in dramatizations. Reportedly France's most expensive film ever. 174m/C VHS . Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Boujenah, Annie Girardot, Philippe Leotard, Clementine Celarie, Rufus, Alessandra Martines, Salome, Philippe Khorsand; D: Claude Lelouch; W: Claude Lelouch; C: Claude Lelouch; M: Francis Lai. Cesar ‘96: Support. Actress (Girardot); Golden Globes ‘96: Foreign Film.