Lady by Choice

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Lady by Choice ★★½ 1934

Lombard stars as a beautiful young fan dancer who is arrested for a lewd public performance. Taking the advice of her press agent, she hires an old bag lady to pose as her mother on Mother's Day. Robson portrays her “mother” and comes to think of Lombard as her own daughter. Robson encourages Lombard to give up fan dancing and to strive for greater things in life. She also pushes her into romance with a wealthy young man (Pryor). Robson is excellent in her role as “mother” and Lombard shows great comic talent in this charming film. 78m/C VHS . Carole Lombard, May Robson, Roger Pryor, Walter Connolly, Raymond Walburn, James Burke; D: David Burton; W: Jo Swerling.