Lady and the Tramp

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Lady and the Tramp ★★★★ 1955 (G)

The animated Disney classic about two dogs who fall in love. Tramp is wild and carefree; Lady is a spoiled pedigree who runs away from home after her owners have a baby. They just don't make dog romances like this anymore. ♫He's a Tramp; La La Lu; Siamese Cat Song; Peace on Earth; Bella Notte. 76m/C VHS, DVD. D: Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson; W: Erdman Penner, Ralph Wright, Don DaGradi; M: Sonny Burke, Peggy Lee; V: Larry Roberts, Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy, Stan Freberg, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson, Bill Baucon, Verna Felton, George Givot, Dallas McKennon, Lee Millar.