Lady Chatterley 2006

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Lady Chatterley ★★★ 2006

Lady Chatterley (Hinds) spends her days collecting flowers after her husband (Giradot) is paralyzed in World War I. She encounters gamekeeper Parkin (Coullo'ch) and the two begin an affair that brings about her sexual awakening. Stunningly shot, and director Ferran manages to maintain a high level of eroticism and character development. French adaptation of the second version of the D.H. Lawrence novel. 168m/C DVD . BE FR Marina Hands, Hippolyte Girardot, Jean-Louis Coulloc'h, Helene Alexandridis; D: Pascal Ferran; W: Roger Bohbot, Pierre Trividic, Pascal Ferran; C: Julien Hirsch; M: Beatrice Thiriet.