Johnny Got His Gun

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Johnny Got His Gun ★★★ 1971 (R)

Dalton Trumbo's story of a young WWI veteran (Bottoms) who meets a bomb with his name on it and is rendered armless, legless, and more or less faceless, as well as deaf, dumb, and blind. Regarded as a vegetable and stuck in a lightless hospital utility room, he dreams and fantasizes about life before and after the bomb, and tries vainly to communicate with the staff. Wrenching and bleak antiwar diatribe made at the climax of the Vietnam War. 111m/C VHS . Timothy Bottoms, Jason Robards Jr., Donald Sutherland, Diane Varsi, Kathy Fields, Donald (Don “Red”) Barry, Peter Brocco, Judy Chaikin, Eric Christmas, Maurice Dallimore, Robert Easton, Eduard Franz, Anthony Geary, Edmund Gilbert, Ben Hammer, Wayne Heffley, Marsha Hunt, Joseph Kaufmann, Charles McGraw, Byron Morrow, David Soul; D: Dalton Trumbo; W: Dalton Trumbo; C: Jules Brenner; M: Jerry Fielding. Cannes ‘71: Grand Jury Prize.