It's the Rage

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It's the Rage ★★½ All the Rage 1999 (R)

Glib ensemble comedy about the collision of guns and anger, with an interesting cast. Warren (Daniels) shoots an intruder who turns out to be his business partner, who may have been fooling around with Warren's prim wife, Helen (Allen). His lawyer, Tim (Braugher), has just been given a gun by his boyfriend (Schwimmer), and he has another client (Paquin) whose brother (Ribisi) is trigger-happy. Meanwhile, Helen takes a job with paranoid billionaire, Mr. Morgan (Sinise), while Warren's being investigated by a couple of detectives (Forster, Woodbine) for whom guns are job accessories. Reddin scripted from his play. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen, Andre Braugher, David Schwimmer, Anna Paquin, Giovanni Ribisi, Gary Sinise, Josh Brolin, Robert Forster, Bokeem Woodbine; D: James D. Stern; W: Keith Reddin; C: Alex Nepomniaschy; M: Mark Mothersbaugh.