Honderich, Ted

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HONDERICH, Ted. British (born Canada), b. 1933. Genres: Philosophy, Politics/Government. Career: University of Sussex, Lecturer in Philosophy, 1962-64; University College, University of London, Lecturer, 1964-72, Reader, 1972-83, Professor of Philosophy, 1983-88, Grote Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic, 1988-98, Grote Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic Emeritus, 1998-. Visiting Professor, Yale University and City University of New York, 1970-71. Publications: Punishment: The Supposed Justifications, 1969, 3rd ed., 2004; Violence for Equality: Inquiries in Political Philosophy, 1979, rev. ed. as Terrorism for Humanity, 2003; A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience, and Life-Hopes, 1988; Conservatism, 1990, rev. ed., 2004; How Free Are You?, 1993, rev. ed., 2002; Philosopher: A Kind of Life, 2000; After the Terror, 2002, rev. ed., 2003; On Political Means and Social Ends, 2003; On Consciousness, 2004; On Freedom and Determinism, 2004. EDITOR: International Library of Philosophy and Scientific Method series; The Arguments of Philosophers series; Essays on Freedom of Action, 1973; Social Ends and Political Means, 1975; Philosophy as It Is, 1979; Philosophy through Its Past, 1984; Morality and Objectivity, 1985; Oxford Companion to Philosophy, 1995, rev. ed., 2004. Address: Fountain House, Gould's Grounds, Frome BA11 3DW, England.