Her Majesty

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Her Majesty ★★ 2001

Young New Zealander Elizabeth Wakefield (Andrews) can't believe it when, in 1953, she learns that her hero, Queen Elizabeth II, will be visiting her hometown during a commonwealth tour. Elizabeth is friends with Hira Mata (Haughton), an aged Maori whose shack is considered an eyesore by town busybody Virginia Hobson (Holloway). When Virginia wants to clean up the community by displacing the old woman, things take a turn for the worst thanks to Elizabeth's spiteful brother (Elliott). 105m/C DVD . NZ Vicky Haughton, Sally Andrews, Craig Elliott, Liddy Holloway, Annabel Leach; D: Mark J. Gordon; W: Mark J. Gordon; C: Stephen M. Katz; M: William Ross.