Gittler, Joseph B.

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GITTLER, Joseph B.

GITTLER, Joseph B. American, b. 1912. Genres: Cultural/Ethnic topics, Philosophy, Race relations, Social commentary, Sociology, Civil liberties/Human rights, Education, Ethics, Human relations/Parenting. Career: Co-Ed., International Journal of Group Tensions, 1985-. Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor of Sociology, 1936-43, University of Georgia, Athens; Professor of Sociology and Head of Dept., Drake University, Des Moines, IA, 1943-45; Ed., Midwest Sociologist, 1945-48; Associate Professor and Professor of Sociology, 1945-54, and Director of Research Project, Intergroup Relations in Rural Areas, 1952-55, Iowa State University, Ames; Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, 1954-61, and Director, Center for the Study of Group Relations, 1954-60, University of Rochester, New York: Dean of Faculty, Queens-borough College, CUNY, 1961-66; Dean, Ferkauf Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and University Professor of Sociology, Yeshiva University, NYC, 1966-78; George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, 1978-90, Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations, 1987-90, Professor Emeritus, 1990-; Fulbright Scholar, Ben Gurion University, Israel, 1990-91; visiting professor and Fulbright Scholar, Hiroshima University, Japan, 1979-80; Professor of American Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, 1979; Duke University, Durham, NC, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, 1990-94, Scholar in Residence, 1994-99. Publications: Social Thought among the Early Greeks, 1940; Social Dynamics, 1952; (with L. Gittler) Your Neighbor Near and Far, 1955; (ed.) Understanding Minority Groups, 1956, 1964; (ed.) Review of Sociology, 1957; Ethnic Minorities in the U.S., 1977; Jewish Life in the U.S.: Perspectives from the Social Sciences, 1981; Problems of Racial and Ethnic Relations among High School Youth, 1983; Educational Curricula for Multi-Ethnic Societies, 1984; Integration in the Social Sciences, 1987; A Schematic Framework for Studying Human Social Conflict Resolution, 1988; American Society and Culture: Glossary of Terms and Concepts, 1979; Science and Morals, 1941; Social Effects of Inventions, 1941; How Social Change Comes About, 1951; Social Trends and Atomic Energy, 1953; Social Adjustment to Technological Innovation, 1957; Cultural Pluralism in Contemporary American Society, 1974; Educational Curricula for Multi-Ethnic Societies, 1984; Ethical Components in Conflict Resolution, 1987; Philosophical Questions in The Analysis of Conflict Knowledge and Conflict Resolution Practices, 1989; Towards a Definition of Human Social Conflict, 1990; Ethnic and Racial Conflict, 1995; Humanocentrism, 1995; Ideas of Concord and Discord in Religions of the World, 1999; (ed. and author) International Encyclopedia of Racial and Ethnic Relations, 2001. Address: 5 Glenmore Dr, Durham, NC 27707, U.S.A.