Cobb, Vicki

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COBB, Vicki

COBB, Vicki. American, b. 1938. Genres: Children's non-fiction. Publications: Logic, 1969; (ed.) Biology Study Prints, 1970; Cells, 1970; Gases, 1970; Making Sense of Money, 1971; Sense of Direction, 1972; Science Experiments You Can Eat, 1972, rev. ed., 1994; Heat, 1973; The Long and Short of Measurement, 1973; How the Doctor Knows You're Fine, 1973; Arts and Crafts You Can Eat, 1974; Supersuits, 1975; Magic…Naturally!, 1976; More Science Experiments You Can Eat, 1979; Truth on Trial: The Story of Galileo, 1979; (with K. Darling) Bet You Can't, 1980; How to Really Fool Yourself, 1980; Lots of Rot, 1981; The Secret Life of School Supplies, 1981; The Secret Life of Hardware, 1982; Fuzz Does It!, 1982; Gobs of Goo, 1983; The Monsters Who Died, 1983; (with K. Darling) Bet You Can!, 1983; Brave in the Attempt, 1983; Chemically Active, 1984; The Secret Life of Cosmetics, 1985; The Scoop on Ice Cream, 1986; Sneakers Meet Your Feet, 1986; More Power to You, 1986; The Trip of a Drip, 1986; Inspector Bodyguard Patrols the Land of U, 1986; Skyscraper Going Up!, 1987; Scraps of Wraps, 1988; Why Doesn't the Earth Fall Up?, 1988; This Place Is Cold, 1989; This Place Is Dry, 1989; This Place Is High, 1989; This Place Is Wet, 1989; Why Can't You Unscramble an Egg?, 1989; Feeding Yourself, 1989; For Your Own Protection, 1989; Getting Dressed, 1989; Keeping Clean, 1989; Writing It Down, 1989; Natural Wonders, 1990; Why Doesn't the Sun Burn Out?, 1990; Fun & Games, 1991; This Place Is Lonely, 1991; This Place's Crowded, 1992; (with K. Darling) Wanna Bet!, 1993; (with J. Cobb) Light Action!, 1993; Why Can't I Live Forever, 1996; Blood and Gore, Like You've Never Seen, 1997; Dirt and Grime, Like You've Never Seen, 1998; (with K. Darling) Don't Try This at Home, 1998; This Place Is Wild: East Africa, 1998; Your Tongue Can Tell, 2000; Bangs and Twangs, 2000; Follow Your Nose, 2000; See for Yourself, 2001; Feeling Your Way, 2001; Perk Up Your Ears, 2001; Whirlers and Twirlers, 2001; Open Your Eyes, 2002; Sources of Forces, 2002; I see Myself, 2002; I get Wet, 2002; I Face the Wind, 2003; I Fall Down, 2004. Address: 302 Pondside Dr, White Plains, NY 10607, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]