Citizen Cohn

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Citizen Cohn ★★ 1992 (R)

An appallingly fascinating look at a human monster. Told in hallucinatory flashbacks, as he lays dying from AIDS, Roy Cohn is a lawyer and power broker, probably bestremembered as the malevolent sidekick to Communisthunting Senator Joseph McCarthy. But his contempt also extended to antisemitism and gaybashing (though Cohn was both homosexual and Jewish), and his past comes, literally, back to haunt him. Woods does an exceptional job in bringing this sociopathic heel to wretched life. Adapted from the biography by Nicholas von Hoffman. 112m/C VHS, DVD . James Woods, Joe Don Baker, Joseph Bologna, Ed Flanders, Frederic Forrest, Lee Grant, Pat Hingle; D: Frank Pierson; W: David Franzoni; C: Paul Elliott. CABLE