Call of the Wild 1993

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Call of the Wild ★★½ 1993

Another of Jack London's survival tales is dramatized for TV. John Thornton (Schroservder) is a rich greenhorn seeking adventure during the 1897 Klondike gold rush. Buck archiis a German shepherd, sold as a sled dog, who finds adventures of his own in the frozen North until man and dog are united to search for a legendary gold mine. The realbook is more exciting but the film is more violent. Filmed on location in British Columbia. 97m/C VHS . IT Rick Schroder, Gordon Tootoosis, Mia Sara, Duncan Fraser, Richard Newman, Brent Stait, Allan Lysell, Tom Heaton, Eric McCormack, Vince Metcalfe; D: Alan Smithee, Michael Toshiyuki Uno; C: David Geddes; M: Lee Holdridge. TV