Callado Junior, Joaquim Antônio da Silva (1848–1880)

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Callado Junior, Joaquim Antônio da Silva (1848–1880)

Joaquim Antônio da Silva Callado Junior (b. 11 July 1848; d. 20 March 1880), Brazilian flute virtuoso, teacher, prolific composer of popular instrumental dance pieces, and key figure in the history of Brazilian music. Son of a bandmaster in Rio de Janeiro, Callado received an appointment to teach flute at the Imperial Conservatory of Music in 1870, during which time he organized a popular musical ensemble called "Choro carioca." The first of many Choro ensembles in Rio, the traditional group included a solo flute or other woodwind instrument, with various guitar-type and occasional percussion instruments. Repertoire consisted of polkas, quadrilles, schottisches, waltzes, lundus (Afro-Brazilian dance), and polka-lundus. With the addition of a singer, the performance was called a seresta. Callado became famous as the composer of Querida por todos, a polka dedicated to a well-known woman composer, Chi-quinha Gonzaga.

One of Callado's principal contributions was to establish the choro as a form of popular music and to develop an individualized style of popular composition that served as a model for later composers. The choro became the favored form of Heitor Villa-lobos to express musical elements that were distinctively Brazilian.

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Callado Junior, Joaquim Antônio da Silva (1848–1880)

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