Brokedown Palace

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Brokedown Palace ★★½ 1999 (PG-13)

Danes and Beckinsale take a trip to Thailand following their high school graduation and are targeted by a smooth talking Australian drug dealer. After he invites the pair to Hong Kong, he hides her on in their luggage and they're busted at the airport. Accused of drug trafficking, they are sentenced to 33 years in a Thai prison. Phillips is an unfriendly DEA official, while Pullman is the expatriate American lawyer who comes to their aid. The story focuses more on the girls' relationship as friends than on their legal night mare, however. Nevertheless, the government of Thailand was none too pleased by the script, so most of the Thai scenes were actually shot in the Phillipines. 100m/ C VHS, DVD . Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Pullman, Daniel Lapaine, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jacqueline Kim, Tom Amandes, Aimee Graham, John Doe; D: Jonathan Kaplan; W: David Arata; C: Newton Thomas (Tom) Sigel; M: David Newman.