Black Scorpion

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Black Scorpion ★★½ Roger Cor-man Presents: Black Scorpion 1995 (R)

Darcy Walker (Severance) is an ex-cop-turned-superhero (the scorpion is her symbol), who dons a mask and fetching (and tight) black vinyl to fight crime and avenge her dad's death. She's got the prerequisite sidekick—an ex-chop shop operator (Morris)—and a supervillain—the asthmatic Breathtaker (Siemaszko) who threatens to annihilate the city with toxic gas. Campy, schlock fun. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Joan Severance, Garrett Morris, Casey Siemaszko, Rick Ros-sovich; D: Jonathan Winfrey; W: Craig J. Nevius; C: Geoffrey George; M: Kevin Kiner. CABLE