Birenbaum, Barbara

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BIRENBAUM, Barbara. American. Genres: Children's fiction, Poetry, Songs/Lyrics and libretti, Children's non-fiction, Self help, Humor/Satire, Illustrations. Career: Educator, 1961-62, 1966-67, school psychologist, 1963-65, 1966, 1978; rehabilitation psychologist, 1965; teacher of creative writing workshops, 1976-78; Pinellas County, FL, poet-in-residence, 1980-82; author, illustrator, and composer, 1960-; Florida naturalist, 1987; Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, literary representative, 1996-. Publications: Up Til Now, Yet, 1964; (with G. Hoagland and N. Carter) Breaking through to Poetry, 1982; (with G. Hoagland and N. Carter) A Dance of Words, 1982; The Gooblins' Night, 1985; Light after Light, 1985; Lady Liberty's Light, 1986; The Hidden Shadow, 1986; The Lost Side of the Dreydl, 1987; Candle Talk, 1991; The Lighthouse Christmas, 1991; The Olympic Glow, 1994; Amazing Bald Eaglet, 1999; Groundhog Willie's Shadow, 2001; Quipnotes about Moms, 2003; Quipnotes about Dads, 2003; Groundhog Phil's Message, 2003. ANTHOLOGIES: A Voyage to Remember, 1996; Best Poems of the 90s, 1996; Lyrical Heritage, 1997; Best Poems of 1997; Embedded Dreams, 1997; The Best Poems of 1998; Outstanding Poets of 1998; The Rustling Leaves, 1998; Captured Moments, 1999; Hearts of Glass, 1999; Poetic Voices of America, 2000; America in the Millennium, 2000; In-Between Days, 2001; America-Voices Coming Together, 2002; The Best Poems and Poets of 2002, 2003. Address: Peartree, PO Box 14533, Clearwater, FL 33766-2833, U.S.A.