Asylum 1972

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Asylum ★★½ House of Crazies 1972 (PG)

Four strange and chilling stories weave together in this film. A murderer's victim seeks retribution. A tailor seems to be collecting his bills. A man who makes voodoo dolls…only to become one later on. A woman plagued by a double. A doctor visiting the asylum tells each tale. Horrifying and grotesque, not as humorless as American horror films. 100m/C VHS, DVD . GB Peter Cushing, Herbert Lom, Britt Ekland, Barbara Parkins, Patrick Magee, Barry Morse, Robert Powell, Richard Todd, Charlotte Rampling, Ann(e) Firbank, Sylvia Syms, James Villiers, Geoffrey Bayldon, Megs Jenkins; D: Roy Ward Baker; W: Robert Bloch; C: Denys Coop.