Asylum 2005

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Asylum ★★ 2005 (R)

Sex in the loony bin. In 1959, frustrated Stella Raphael (Richardson) accompanies her hubby Max (Bonneville) to the titular Victorian heap where he is the new superintendent. Stella meets hottie patient Edgar (Csokas), who helps out around the grounds, and the two are soon helping themselves to each other. Despite the fact that Edgar's locked up because he beat his wife to death in a jealous rage. Add to the mix Edgar's manipulative doctor, Peter Cleave (McKellen), and you've got a melodrama at high boil, just waiting to bubble over. As over-the-top as it sounds; adapted from the novel by Patrick McGrath. 90m/C DVD . IR GB Natasha Richardson, Ian McKellen, Marton Csokas, Hugh Bonneville, Judy Parfitt, Sean Harris, Gus Lewis, Wanda Ventham, Joss Ackland; D: David Mackenzie; W: Patrick Marber, Chrys Balis; C: Giles Nuttgens; M: Mark Mancina.