Arter, David

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ARTER, David

ARTER, David. American. Genres: Politics/Government. Career: University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, professor of politics; University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, Finland, lecturer; Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, England, professor of European Integration; University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, professor of Nordic politics. University of Stockholm, visiting research fellow, 1981; Social science research council scholar, Oslo, Norway, 1982. Finnish Institute in London, Vice-Chair of the Executive; Economics and Social Research Council, evaluator in Politics, 1994-. Publications: On the Emergence of a Strong Peasant Party in Finland: A Classification of Leaders and Conceptual Analysis of Support for the Nascent Agrarian Party, 1977; Bumpkin Against Bigwig: The Emergence of a Green Movement in Finnish Politics, 1978; (with N. Elder) The Consensual Democracies? The Government and Politics of the Scandinavian States, 1982, rev. ed, 1988; The Nordic Parliaments: A Comparative Analysis, 1984; Politics and Policy-Making in Finland, 1987; The Politics of European Integration in the Twentieth Century, 1993; Parties and Democracy in the Post-Soviet Republics: The Case of Estonia, 1996; Scandinavian Politics Today, 1999; (ed.) From Farmyard to City Square?: The Electoral Adaptation of the Nordic Agrarian Parties, 2001. Address: Edward Wright Building, University of Aberdeen, Dunbar St., Aberdeen AB24 3QY, Scotland. Online address: [email protected]