Alien Nation: The Enemy Within

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Alien Nation: The Enemy Within ★★½ 1996

George (Pierpont) must deal with his own bigotry when he and Matt (Graham) investigate the death of an Eenos Newcomer. The underground-dwelling Eenos are shunned as an ignorant and savage subclass by other Newcomers but the detectives gradually discover some sinister goings-on involving a fierce Eenos/Newcomer mutant. Meanwhile, George's wife Susan (Scarabelli) is feeling neglected and Cathy (Treas) and Matt find living together causes a strain on their relationship. The fourth TV movie from the series. ?m/C VHS . Eric Pierpoint, Gary (Rand) Graham, Michelle Scarabelli, Terri Treas, Sean Six, Lauren Woodland, Joe Lando, Kerrie Keane, Tiny Ron, Ron Fassler; D: Kenneth Johnson.