Alien Avengers

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Alien Avengers ★★½ Roger Corman Presents: Alien Avengers; Welcome to Planet Earth 1996 (R)

Naive, poor Joseph Collins (Brown) inherits a rundown rooming-house and before he knows it, he has his first tenants—Charlie (Wendt), Rhonda (Reed), and their teenaged daughter Daphne (Sakelaris). What Joseph doesn't know is the friendly trio are aliens (on vacation), who are fond of killing lowlifes and bringing home human parts for snacks. Goofy and gory cable movie. 120m/C VHS, DVD . George Wendt, Shanna Reed, Christopher Brown, Anastasia Sakelaris; D: Lev L. Spiro; W: Michael James McDonald; C: Christopher Baffa; M: Tyler Bates.