Alien Space Avenger

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Alien Space Avenger ★½ Space Avenger 1991

A spaceship piloted by four alien convicts crash lands in New York City. Stalked by an intergalatic bounty hunter whose job is to kill them, the aliens attack and hide inside human bodies to avoid discovery. It's a race against time as the preservation of the human race depends on the avenger's ability to seek and destroy the alien invaders. Bland ripoff of “Aliens” is reminiscent of old-time “B” sci-fi flicks, with more gore and violence. Shot with the old 3-strip Technicolor method. 88m/C VHS. Robert Prichard, Mike McClerie, Charity Staley, Gina Mastrogiacomo, Kick Fairbanks Fogg, Angela Nicholas, Marty Roberts, James Gillis; D: Richard W. Haines; W: Richard W. Haines, Linwood Sawyer; M: Richard Fiocca.