2000 Maniacs

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2000 Maniacs ★★½ 1964

One of cult director Lewis' most enjoyably watchable films. A literal Civil Warghost town” takes its revenge 100 years after being slaughtered by renegade Union soldiers by luring unwitting “yankee” tourists to their centennial festival. The hapless Northerners are then chopped, crushed, ripped apart etc. while the ghostly rebels party. Quite fun in a cartoonishly gruesome sort of way. Filmed in St. Cloud, FL. 75m/C VHS, DVD . William Kerwin, Connie Mason, Jeffrey Allen, Ben Moore, Gary Bakeman, Jerome (Jerry Stallion) Eden, Shelby Livingston, Michael Korb, Yvonne Gilbert, Mark Douglas, Linda Cochran, Vincent Santo, Andy Wilson; D: Herschell Gordon Lewis; W: Herschell Gordon Lewis; C: Herschell Gordon Lewis; M: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Larry Wellington.

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2000 Maniacs

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